War Games Online

Information on the Free War Game Online called Dominion.


Ever wanted to build up your own personal army and start invading random countries?  Of course you have!  You can do just that in Dominion one of the War Games Online.

Or if you are more of the sadistic type you can inflict pain on another player’s population directly with fireballs, plagues and other insidious magical spells.

For the more treacherous and scheming you can order your spies to go out and do a number of interesting operations on your opponents.  From stealing resources that you can use to help your own dominion surpass others to detrimental endeavors that will harm your target in many other ways.  You can focus your spies on slaughtering the enemy wizards and draftees or you can even sink their boats so they can no longer attack other players.

If you are more strategy minded then you can form a group of players and use all these things against your opponents so that your team comes out on top.